Will Grand Theft Auto 5 beat San Andreas?

Hopes for an appearance date in the spring were disappointed – the GTA lovers will have to wait a little longer: GTA5 appear on 17.09.2013. Among the game contents, the manufacturer has now revealed some fascinating secrets.

Unlike today, it is in GTAV instead of just one main character give equal three.
Exchange between the characters are permitted insofar as the Daddler not currently denies just a quest.

But partially the characters must also together on Mission: Certain applications require the participation of all the characters.

In particular, it is at the 3 people to Trevor Franklin and Michael. Michael represents a former criminal who is in the witness protection program of the FBI. Money problems force the father of a young family, notwithstanding, to embark again on illegal activity. More about him here.

Trevor is a bald, former soldier whose war experiences are reflected in schizophrenic personality traits. He is always enthusiastic about illegal transactions and through his training he has flying experience

Franklin is mid-twenties, the youngest of the federal government and scoundrel with a passion. He has worked as a violent Monet collector for an opaque car dealer of luxury cars. The people develop more autonomous, because while the gamer plays with one of the figures, the other two are not idle.

The world in the game in Los Santos is in this by many times more complex than in previous versions, says www.gta5shop.com.

Tattoo and Gyms are the characters probably are not available and also love relationships and affairs are no longer intended.
Dealing with the vehicles should not be so cumbersome in Grand Theft Auto 5, but instead be oriented to racing game standards.